The calendar reports that spring began 17 days ago.

Winter begs to differ.

DSCF9629 - Copy


A good day

Some folks may describe this image as depicting a gloomy day. To me it was good to be able to take this photo, know theĀ palpable difference between today’s temperature, -1, and last Wednesday’s temperature of -10 with a stiff wind blowing, to have made it another year. It was and is a good day.


Austere beauty

Winters’ austere beauty has arrived – perhaps a little early by the calendar, at the right time for the season. Even during a -8 afternoon there is something to admire. Here it was the delicate shadings of grey, green, and off white.



Winter is coming, we can’t wish it away, may want it to never come but come it will. I’m looking forward to the season of rest, renewal, pondering the lessons of 2016 and how to apply those lessons to the next seasons of gtowth.

See you Thursday.