It’s good and important to look around, to find beauty in your surroundings no matter the season. Beauty can be found even in a dry winter – subtle differences in the shades of brown, tan, and grey become more prominent.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with anticipating this┬ásummers’ colours. This photo of last years’ dianthus is something to admire, and look forward to.


A lovely afternoon

A little over 8 centimeters of snow fell yesterday; some in the morning and the rest during the evening. Today has been a very lovely day with fresh snow, a brisk breeze, and a lot of sun which raised the temperature to about -1C. So we posed for a self-portrait with our hoop tunnel, inside which are the last of our garden greens.

DSCF7273 - Copy


More of our gardens’ bounty. Butternut squash, sweet potatoes (and more to come!), and an experiment with corn. I think this is the only ear we got; we should do a little better next year once some trees are pruned which will allow more sunlight to reach the garden.

DSCF6989 - Copy

Season of plenty

From upper right: Home-grown garlic; home-grown red and purple potatoes; and a ‘basket’ of vegetables – snap peas, cherry and grape tomatoes, vine tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion, and radishes – from the nursery at the edge of town. All organic goodness. How blessed we are to have our own little garden and a good nursery in our little town.

DSCF6902 - Copy