Returning from hiatus; good to go away and good to come home

After a recent (unannounced) break I’m back to posting.

Faye and I took the dogs to Pittsburgh PA and attended a fund-raiser for the Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization, S.P.A.R.R.O. for short. S.P.A.R.R.O. and it’s companion organization, Shades of Grey Sanctuary for Senior Dogs, are operated by Joe Maringo, a truly remarkable man. We had a great time and hope we helped raise a good sum for a worthy cause. Joe hosted a Lab Fest the next day; people and dogs had good fellowship.

We expected Achilles and Fitzi to be good in the car. We are very pleased with how good they were around unfamilar people and dogs. Achilles ambles around the fenced in area.

IMG_2108 - Copy

We really appreciate all of the kindness and generosity everyone shared and expect to attend next year.

While it was great to go away, after 1400 klicks in four days it’s good to be home.



Achilles (12? years old) and Fitzi (three) engage in a play session. They play well, which is good for both of them. Also, Stella is no longer pressured to do something she no longer cares to engage in.

Back on Thursday.


We encroached on Fitzi’s territory today. Faye did laundry and finished drying it by hanging it on a rack in front of the wall furnace. Fitzi is very fond of the furnace, so he wormed under the hanging laundry to get up close to his ‘friend.’



We bid adieu to February by trying to create a family portrait on a blustery day. We were less than 100 percent successful.

Back on Thursday. And again, thank you for visiting.