Small town parade

Our small town’s annual fair had its opening parade the other night. A neat aspect of living in a small town is that you’re not restrained behind barricades dozens of feet away, you’re right there only a few feet from the action. You can make eye contact, person to person as it should be.

Back on Thursday.


Play ball.

I recently had the good fortune to attend a Tigers-Astros game. Although Jose Altuve – the best second baseman in the majors – went oh for four and the Astros lost 5-3, it was a decent, entertaining game and a very enjoyable evening.

IMG_3 Copy


Not sure.

I was in Sarnia Ontario recently to attend a two day First Aid class. The class was held two blocks from the waterfront, so during lunch one day I went for a stroll and came across this sidewalk between a parking lot and the waterfront.

I’m not sure what the city designer/planner and/or engineer had in mind, laying this sidewalk out with two 90 degree turns and a 45 degree turn. It would seem to make more sense (and cost less) ┬áto have a straight sidewalk between waterfront and parking lot.

I cut across the grass, as more than a few people seemed to have done.