We’re in the money

We're in the money

I love Canadian currency. The bills are colourful and when counting change, because of our loonies and toonies one often has more than one thinks. Emptied the change basket the other day and this pile totalled $21.73. Yahoo!


Early morning light

This morning I bundled up and sat out on the deck for a while with the dogs and a cup of coffee to enjoy the quiet and the day’s growing light. Sometimes it is amusing to think about ‘bundling up’ when it is in the single digits and come February, single digit temperatures may feel quite balmy.


High flyer

I am a geek for most things aeronautical and have been for as long as I can remember. Dad was a C-47 pilot during WWII, which is probably a large part of the reason why I am this way. When a plane goes overhead it is almost impossible to not stop whatever I am doing and look up, trying to identify the plane and speculating on where it came from, where it is going.

I live about an hour from Detroit so there is a fair amount of midlevel and high altitude traffic in my neck of the woods. This plane – 767, perhaps an A330 – angled southwest. Coming from Europe, possibly west Asia, heading to – Chicago? DFW? Memphis? Who can say, though my speculation continued.