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Harvest Dog

Harvest Dog

Achilles is utterly reliable when unsupervised in the backyard. Well, almost utterly reliable. He has been known to dig a time or two.

His digging is invariably related to either getting to cool damp earth on a hot day, or because he hears a varmint excavating below ground level. He does not dig out of boredom or because he needs to give himself a job. He seems to be largely happy to watch the world go by.

Tonight, on Harvest Moon Night, Achilles is content to observe, watch the world go by. I had to use the flash to capture him.

Achilles is outside now. When he’s ready to come in he will scritch at the door.

What a good dog. We are extraordinarily blessed to have him.


Two days ago, 33. Now, 13. It is late summer verging on fall, so of course the weather can change very quickly. It’s fine, keeps me on my toes.

Tonight’s low will probably dip into the single digits. Frost is not impossible if the clouds break early enough. I brought in all of the tender house plants that we want to save and possibly a few more. It’s a little crowded next to the living room window.


Others are under the Manitoba maple’s canopy where they can gain a little protection from cool descending air.