Bottoms up

Two Mute Swans dabble for good bits.

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Turkey Vultures continue soaring above us; their dips, glides, and swoops are so entertaining.

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I want to wish all my readers thank you very much for making time out of your lives to visit, and to like my posts when you see fit.

I also want to wish my Canadian readers a very happy Thanksgiving to you, and to the people you care about.


Here is a closer view of one of the Broad-winged Hawks I saw Saturday evening. You can see the distinctive white stripe across the tail as well as the black border on the wings.

I don’t remember ever seeing one before and had get out my hard copy of The Sibley Guide to Birds to identify it. Then I went to its entry at to learn more.

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Spectacle, and a question

As I took laundry off the clothesline late this afternoon, a hawk cruised through my peripheral vision. I looked up and there was another. And another. Another, another, on and on, and on. I gawked for a few moments then raced inside, grabbed the camera, and captured the spectacle of many Broad-winged Hawks riding the wind. Finally, a little regretfully, I felt obligated to resume my chore, though I kept looking up.

How many hawks do you count?

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